About Us

Paypro Fintech Company as well as (SECP registered Company) is a bill aggregation platform that enables payment processing for bill collections with equity holdings of THK solutions, Mega & Forbes group of companies. Paypro is a local billing payment aggregator that bids digital transaction solutions to their corporate clients opportunely, conveniently, and securely.

Paypro has accomplished an enormous success as the number of billers enlarged in the aggregation space with about 20,000+ raised invoices to date. Paypro provides measures for rolling out payments for efficiency and effectiveness of the business process management. The businesses which are included in our target market segmentation are Agriculture and Industrial companies, Educational Institutions, Health care, hospitality and tourism industries, NGO’s foundations, E-commerce businesses, retailing business, trading industries, and insurance companies.

Paypro is a Pakistan Fintech company that offers SMEs (B2C) payment collections online services with the help of smart digital invoicing and subscription management as a result of its strategic partnership with 1LINK. SMEs owners can collect payment/fees/allowance from their customers using 1LINK collection partner. SME’s also can make online payment of their various bills or other miscellaneous expenses (including salaries, insurance, and supplies expenses).

Paypro is providing an easy payment gateway to its customers (SMEs). Corporate users can also transfer payments through their bank accounts, MasterCard, and various digital payment channels. Paypro payment procedure is safer and easier. It automates the entire billing process from presenting an invoice digitally using SMS/Whatsapp/E-mail, payment collection through multiple and several banking channels, and automated reconciliation.

Paypro aims to transform paying and lending for business success. It has a simple process and wide offerings in services. Businesses nowadays faced many hurdles to accept payments frequently. Paypro also helps companies to accept payments through any sales channels. For business investment management Paypro plays a vital role. That is the reason why payment processing has become easiest with the help of Paypro. Paypro has maintained good relations with e-commerce firms, retailing businesses by providing digital and financial services in a bid to attract more corporate clients. Paypro is a fast-growing Fintech company that has developed easy-to-use payment and receivable methods.

Paypro is an agile and payment solution. In the market, they offer a wide range of e-payment options with the support of 1LINK. Paypro enables firms to collect payments without any kind of formality like signing or registering via any application or a website that's why it is known as "Plug and Play". Paypro offers seamless collection experiences to their reliable customers.

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