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Make paying off school fees easy for your customers by integrating with PayPro

We take care of your business while you shape the minds of the future generation

New era of payments

Let your customers pay off fees in an easy and quick way. By integrating with PayPro, you are allowing your customers to pay with a method that they are most familiar with.

Send professional invoices instantly.

We help build trust with customers by sending professionally designed invoices while also giving them a payment option convenient for them.

Quick Payments

Receive payments from your customers into your corporate account instantly.

Holistic View

Get an overview of how your business is performing when you use PayPro. Our detailed reporting helps create data into actionable items.


Track invoices and send reminders for all overdue payments within one system. Know where your payments are at each stage to plan ahead and grow your business.

We are dedicated to providing services that help elevate your business

Instant Cashflow

Pay your teachers quicker by receiving payments for their services quicker. With PayPro, you receive cash faster and straight into your preferred bank account.


Digital invoices are easily tracked, quick to create, and are more likely to be seen by parents whereas a paper document may get discarded accidentally.

All in One Invoicing

Invoice parents for the semester, field trips, and even extra curricular activities with PayPro.

The type of invoice used plays a crucial part in getting paid


We come across these invoices the most. It is the basic structured invoice which includes all the information needed to receive payments.


Save time by creating invoices with fixed rates which can be scheduled and sent automatically to customers.

Pending Invoices

Easily send reminders to customers for the amount which was not paid during the last payment by sending a pending invoice.

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