Hassle free payments for health services

Keep record of your patient

Let your customers pay off fees in an easy and quick way. Simply fill in the required information and create an invoice on spot


Send professional invoices instantly.

PayPro provides to which help make the billing process easier to use. By creating an account with us, you get the access to an overview of your business, resources which will help answer your billing questions, and tools which help making paying bills and managing them convenient. 


Health Billing

We want you to give more time to the patients that need help and less on complicated invoicing. PayPros ability to provide flexible invoicing options, one-time bill set up, and tracking makes it the preferred digital tool.

The type of invoice used plays a crucial part in getting paid


We come across these invoices the most. It is the basic structured invoice which includes all the information needed to receive payments.



Save time by creating invoices with fixed rates which can be scheduled and sent automatically to customers.

Pending Invoices

Easily send reminders to customers for the amount which was not paid during the last payment by sending a pending invoice.

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