Cryptocurrency may be a digital payment system that does not believe banks to verify transactions. It is a peer-to-peer system that will enable anyone anywhere to send and receive payments. Rather than physical money that’s carried around and interacted with in the world, cryptocurrency payments live purely as digital entries to a web database that outlines specific transactions. Once you transfer cryptocurrency funds, the transactions, are being recorded during a public ledger. You store your cryptocurrency during a digital wallet.

Fintech is a broad abbreviation that refers to financial technology that automates and industrializes financial procedures and facilities. Fintech is one of the rapidly rising industries serving industries and individual customers through broad applications

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digital payment revolution

The Digital Payment market is booming because of the introduction of the latest technologies that continuously converge with others and encourage the emergence of innovative payment methods and consequently creating business opportunities. Currently, the foremost advanced solutions like Mobile Payment and Contactless Payment exceed € 46 billion in payments, a 21% of total digital payments by card, consistent with the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory of the varsity of Management of the Milan Polytechnic.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 had been a huge turnover for the whole world. It has accelerated almost all the trends of the world, especially becoming uptick in contactless payment usage. A few months later today, it is becoming evident that 2020 is an inflection point for digital payment adoption almost everywhere in the world. Coronavirus completely changed the world

digital payment revolution

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