Payment Platform for Salons

PayPro is set to cater salons from all over Pakistan to digitize and automate their entire payment collection process instantly and easily. With all digital banking channels available, collecting payments and disbursing expenses has never been more convenient.

All in One Payments Platform

With all digital banking channels available, collecting fees and disbursing expenses has never been more convenient.

Tailored Infrastructure for your changing needs.

An easy to understand user interface for both clients and salon management. 

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Instant Cashflow

Pay your team quicker by receiving payments for their services quicker. With PayPro, you receive cash faster and straight into your preferred bank account.


Digital invoices are easily tracked, quick to create, and are more likely to be seen by customers whereas a paper document may get discarded accidentally.

All in One Invoicing

Invoice customers for the services with PayPro.

The type of invoice used plays a crucial part in getting paid


We come across these invoices the most. It is the basic structured invoice which includes all the information needed to receive payments.


Save time by creating invoices with fixed rates which can be scheduled and sent automatically to customers.

Pending Invoices

Easily send reminders to customers for the amount which was not paid during the last payment by sending a pending invoice.


Direct payment collection

Collecting payments via fee vouchers by generating unique IDs for each student and accept payments via ATM, Mobile/Internet Banking and OTC.

Automated reconciliation

No more manual time-consuming payment reconciliations. With our easy to use Dashboards and detailed real-time reports, monitor paid and pending fees, and make informed business decisions.

Fast settlements

Get access to real time and automated reconciliation

In-app or Website Fee Voucher Presentment and Payment Collection

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